With a history of more than a hundred and fifty years, Motion Smith rings a bell with  many  mariners from all over the world. Established in Singapore, the company is one of the leading  suppliers for nautical charts, publications, equipment, digital charts and publications, and other  marine systems and software. With a reputable global network, our capability to support and  service the shipping industry is well-known in the region. 

Motion Smith

As an international chart agent and digital distributor for The Admiralty, Motion Smith  distributes a wide range of digital products and value-added services. Some of these services  include ship inventory management and automatic updates of active trading areas of a vessel.  Digital transmission of weekly notices to mariners, digital tracings and other data also enables  the vessel to access critical navigation information through cost effective solutions. 

Such updates play a vital role in promoting safety at sea and aid shipping companies to comply  with the ISM Code. At Motion Smith, our experienced team is committed to assist ship  operators in developing an effective path towards digital integration, compliance with IMO  regulations on mandatory carriage requirements for ECDIS and to make it back to the warmth of  a safe harbour.